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While most of our auction is dealer only, we are authorized to allow public buyers to bid on and purchase Repossession Vehicles (Repos).

How it works:
On Thursday morning, receive your bidders badge after leaving a $500 deposit and registering for our auction. The $500 deposit will be refunded if you do not purchase a vehicle. If you do purchase a vehicle, then we will apply the $500 towards the purchase of the vehicle.

The fee schedule is available upon request.

The sale starts at 9:30 AM. Please be here before 9:00 AM to sign up for the auction.

You are responsible for paying for any purchased vehicles immediately after the Repo sale. If you would like to look a vehicle over before the auction, Aubrey would be your point of contact. She will be available on Wednesdays for you to come and visit the auction. You can start the cars, however you are not allowed to move them.

We only accept Cash or Cashier’s Check. Come prepared to buy. You must immediately complete your paperwork after buying. You must pay for the Vehicle by 4pm the same day. All Sales are final.

If you have any other questions please call (740) 982-3030 and ask to speak with Aubrey.

For Public Buyers

Important Terms & Conditions For Public Buyers

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